Play Projects

Via our Play Projects, we want to question how we explore new places or how, though a series of prompts, we can encourage our fellows to create work in a new way and in collaboration.

Inspired in part by predetermined uses of (domestic) space and how having a gallery in the home alters the ‘household’ and its neighbourhood, the Play Projects use Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ‘do it’ series as its foundation.

do it is a series of instructions for artists to ‘do’ using a set of ‘rules’. This series has travelled the world, ever-expanding as new contributors get involved: “do it tried to develop exhibitions that built a relation to their place, that constantly changed with different local conditions, and created a dynamic, complex system with feedback loops. It changed places and places changed it.”

With all this in mind, the SqW:Lab Fellows are invited to examine and work in similar ways utilising all of these components – drawing, the domestic, place and routine, and exploring how instructions can help develop each other’s practice and collaborative opportunities.

2022 – 2023 Play Project Postcards – coming soon…

2020 – 2021 Play Projects

2018 – 2019 Play Projects

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