2023 – 2024

SqW:Lab Directors, Charlie Levine, Katsushi Goto and Vishwa Shroff, are thrilled to introduce the “fourth plinth” / guest Director for the 2023 iteration as John Ros.

John Ros is a queer, non-binary, brooklyn-based installation artist, curator, educator and Director of studio ELL. John was a fellow at the inaugural Lab and has continued to work collaboratively with many members of that first year, namely with Rose van Mierlo on intermission museum, with Charlie Levine on The Tale Tellers: The Rag Pickers exhibition and Vishwa Shroff for studio ELL’s studio visit series.

The key themes for the 2023 Laboratory are similar to the first – to examine the domestic through drawing while encouraging dialogue around creative practices and processes across disciplines, but this time with a specific focus on the kitchen, dining, food and ritual.

2023 “plus 1’s” / invited Fellows to be announced soon.

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