The Tale Tellers – Vishwa Shroff

SqW:Lab fellows were invited to interpret their favourite story, song or poem via a series of images that represent key plot points within that story for an ongoing project by Charlie Levine called The Tale Tellers.

Each selection of images tells a complete tale.

Shatranj Ke Khiladi (The Chess Players), 1924 – Munshi Premchand ( Hindi short-story)

1. Christian and Muslim Playing Chess. A picture from the book of Alfonso X


2. A Company school painting,India, Kolkata, 19th century Illustrating a street scene in Kolkata


3. Nawab Nasir al-Din Haidar , second King of Oudh , by Muhammad Azam Musavvir, India, Lucknow, circa 1830


4. Dicken’s comprehensive pictures of the Great Exhibition 1851


5. Recreation of Peruggia stealing the Mona Lisa.


6. David Hockney – Card Players


7. Moral levitation – Gaganendranath Tagore

gt_09, gaganendranath tagore, lithograph on paper size 17 x

8.  Company School Painting from the MET collection attributed to Shaikh Muhammad Amir of Karraya (active 1830s–40s)


9. Illustration of Garden Cockfight by Yōshū Chikanobu, 1898

chikanobu illustration of childrens cockfight ihl cat 1220 my print web

10. British Indian Army poster (from WW1) from Colonial India written in Urdu.


11. Soldiers of the Indian Army in Egypt (the Seaforth Highlanders still wear the trews of the old 72nd Regiment)



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