I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent

In the SqW:Lab founders whatsapp group we share images, articles, exhibitions etc with one another that we believe links into the SqW:Lab wider conversations and inspire each other’s interests.

Recently Vishwa shared a link to an exhibition by Julie Becker at ICA, London that Rosie and I then went to see.


8 June – 12 August 2018

All of the works in this exhibition play with our pre-conceptions of LA interior worlds as dictated initially by Hollywood and also by childlike imagination – especially through the models and their handmade to scale interiors.   The spaces Becker draws, makes, photographs or creates through film are all spaces we have known in reality or via fictions presented to us in various mediums. In particular her drawings of entire buildings and the created worlds within them and the miniature scaled spaces of offices, hotel spaces and other in between places.  They’re where people rotate and exist within them for short periods of time, with each space feeling like one we ourselves have passed through at some point, in reality or in our imaginations.

Charlie Levine


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